We started as a company producing handmade metal eyeglass frames in 1972 after Mr. Biasotto, still managing partner, had gained several years of experience at some companies in our industry.
During these 40 years we decided to stay manufacturers transforming privately owned company, naturally increasing the staff at our addictions but maintaining the characteristic craftsmanship of our products, taking advantage of the best technology and equipment available on the market.
We are a team of people, most of them with over 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry, in-house we are able to produce, from a technical drawing, is the prototype of the glasses that the construction of the molds related and subsequently the real production.
This type of architecture this business has allowed us to serve different countries in the way.


Since 2003, we decided to complete the chain of glasses having the ability to sell our product directly to the consumer, thanks to:
a) the presence in the company of qualified professionals such as optical
b) investment of machinery with high technological content both for visual analysis that for the mounting of ophthalmic lenses.
Our website aims to convey to all visitors to the reality upon which our company or SERVICE, QUALITY, 'PROFESSIONALISM' and the ITALIAN PRODUCT with the ethical principles that focus primarily on compliance with the person who contacts us.
In our 40 years of work we have always had as its final target customer satisfaction and we will try to comply with this rule even in the most web-market that's why you will find our maximum availability to meet all your requests concerning the world of optics and eyewear by contacting us at:
1) a Skype address: outlet Bioptik
2) a support email: